Full Stack Developers Vs Specialised Developers

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The rapid changes in the IT world are raising the bar of standards and skills. Today, a developer needs to be much more than just a specialist of a particular field. Full Stack Developers are the product of this demand and are quickly becoming a first choice for many enterprises.

Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is a developer who can work with both backend and front end of a website and application. Full-stack developer is well-versed and experienced in numerous areas like:

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • UI/UX design
  • Markup languages
  • Databases
  • Software testing
  • Scalability, Architecture, and the roadmap of the project.

Having a competent knowledge of implementing frontend and backend tools and framework makes the full-stack developer an attractive prospect for the enterprises hiring developers.


  • Jack of all trades and is well-versed with frontend, backend, QA testing, architecture of code, and many more.
  • Lowered Cost of hiring
  • Greater Flexibility, as he can work on both service and client side.
  • Need for specialised meetings to explain the front-end developers on the issues and vice-versa.


  • Risk-prone time management
  • Not able to keep up with the latest trends and technologies
Specialist developer

As the name suggests, a developer who is an expert in a single discipline and whose work revolves around that particular discipline is called a specialist developer. It means that the specialized developer would be the go to guy for that particular subject that can be anything such as design, database design, domain modelling, and entity framework.


  • High quality of work delivered for each part of the project
  • Stays updated with the latest trends and technologies
  • Convenient allocation of responsibilities


  • Costly affair to have a specialised developer for each phase of the project development.
  • Difficult to quickly identify and eliminate the omni-purpose issues.


We saw the pros and cons of both full stack developer as well as the specialised developer. To provide you a clearer picture between the two, let’s see what is the criteria to make the choice between a specialised developer or a full stack developer.

Size of the project

The choice of developers greatly depends upon the project size. It’s reasonable to hire full stack developers for mid-sized projects, as they comprise of small number of tasks, clear functionality, and simple implementation.

Project complexity

The project is complex in nature, which is if it consists of large number of tasks, then it will be a better choice to go for specialized developers who can come up with better competent solutions.

Project flexibility

If the project requirements are not defined strictly and are subject to change periodically, then full stack developers is the right choice for you. On the contrary, if the project has rigid requirements, then going for a team of specialists developers is the best option.


Hiring a full stack developer is always financially economical as compared to that of a specialised developers team .

Quality of project

Project quality is an important parameter to make a choice between the full stack and specialized developers. Creation of a top-notch solution demands complete immersion and this can only be achieved with a team of specialized developers.


Hire full-stack developers for a new project, or hire them to work on an ongoing project as they can work on both front-end and back-end development.

Similarly, specialized front-end and back-end developers developers are the way to go for top-notch and complex solutions, with no constraints on budget, space and time.

Both full stack developers and specialized developers have their own pros and cons. While making a choice between them one must understand the project carefully and then decide further.


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