Dragon coin value today

dragon coin

Today, the value of a dragon coin is largely dependent on its size, age, and condition. A small, young dragon coin might be worth only a few dollars, while a large, old, well-preserved coin could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In general, the value of a dragon coin is increasing as time goes on, so it is a good investment to hold onto your dragon coins!

This Silver Coin is the third release in the “Mythical Dragons of the World Coin Series” minted by the New Zealand Mint on behalf of the Niue Island and features the “Norse Dragon” (or “Dreki“). The earlier two issues were on the “Red Dragon” of Arthurian Legends and  the “Four Dragons” in Chinese Folklore.

The Norse Dragon:

Fafnir, Otr and Regin were the sons of the dwarf king Hreidmar. Tragically, Otr was killed by three gods, after taking the form of an otter. When Hreidmar learnt of this, he captured the three gods with the help of Fafnir and Regin and held them for ransom until the infamous Loki provided the dwarves Andvari’s ring and his cursed gold as repayment for the loss of his son.

Fafnir was the strongest and most aggressive of the three sons. Incited by greed, Fafnir killed his father and took the riches for himself into the wilderness, where he gradually turned into a dragon – a symbol of greed – in order to guard the treasure. He breathed poison into the land around him, so no one would go near him and his treasure.

However, Regin also wanted the treasure and plotted revenge, sending his apprentice Sigurd to kill Fafnir. Regin instructed Sigurd to dig a pit in which he could lie in wait for the dragon. Regin then ran away in fear, leaving Sigurd to complete the task. Undaunted, Sigurd used his sword to fatally wound the dragon.

After Fafnir was slain, Regin returned and asked Sigurd to cook the dragon’s heart for him. Sigurd having tasted Fafnir’s blood while cooking the heart, was able to understand the language of birds (this knowledge if given to one who eats the heart of a dragon). The birds told Sigurd that it was Regin’s intention to kill him, so instead Sigurd killed Regin and was left victorious with Fafnir’s treasure.


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